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model railways like hornby and hmrs or historical model railway society, also lots of links to thomas the tank engine in our model railways or railway web directory search engine
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Banner Specifications

iRail supports IAB/Casie recommended standard sized banners.

Link Image

Maximum Pixel Size: 60 wide by 60 high
Maximum File Size: 3 Kbytes

File type: GIF, GIF89A
No animation's

The Standard Banner

Pixel Size: 468 wide by 60 high
Maximum File Size 10 Kbytes
Preferred File Type: GIF, GIF89A
Also accepted: JPEG, JAVA, HTML (see specifications below)
Animated Banners: No restrictions on looping

  • The maximum click through URL is 256 characters.
  • iRail does not accept any banner types that require the user to have a plug-in for the ad to be displayed.
  • Banners with sound will not be accepted at this time.
  • In the event that an ad banner serves cookies, the issuance of the cookie or other similar certificate must not interfere in any way with the serving of ad banner graphics or text. This includes cases where the end-user refuses the cookies or certificates either automatically or manually.

HTML Banner Specifications

  • Under default settings in Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, the HTML must take up no more than 468 x 60 pixels in area.
  • Any forms included the HTML must use the GET method instead of the POST method. Banners using the POST method will not be accepted since click-through can not be tracked. Please keep in mind that most CGI scripts written to accept submissions via POST will also work with the GET method.
  • The HTML can take up no more than 3,600 characters.
  • The total size of any images (limit = 3) must be smaller than 7.5k.
  • HTML must be self-contained and centred. In particular, it cannot require any special changes to the BODY tag or be left or right align as a whole.
  • If the HTML Banner uses more than one URL for click through, only the URL in the form will be tracked.

Java Banner Specifications

  • iRail will only accept Java banners if the click-through URL can be passed as a parameter to the applet. Otherwise, we can not track the click-through on the banner.
  • The maximum click through URL is 256 characters

RealAudio / Video Banners

  • Client must provide the object declaration for the video banner plus a normal ad banner.
    Ad must adhere to size specifications as for normal ad banners.
  • Client must serve the video portion of the ad.
  • Ad banners requiring browser plug-ins
  • Ad must adhere to specifications as for normal ad banners.
  • Client must provide code to detect plug-in and display a normal gif / jpeg if the plug-in is not available.

Other Design Considerations

Most pages on the iRail service have white backgrounds.

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